See what people are saying about Angel Eye:

Our grandson was a recent patient and “AngelEye” was a God-send for us! Thank you so much for using technology to keep family in the loop of our “angel’s” care! Great experience in NICU and this is one reason why!
“Being able to see my baby at any time, day or night, and see him breathing, sleeping - I’m just so glad this exists.”
“When my baby was born and in the NICU, I still had to go to work, but thanks to Angel Eye, I could keep watching over him, and he could hear my voice.”
“This was a lifesaver for me. I never got the chance to bond with my baby, but the cam helped me. I wasn’t living with constant anxiety knowing that I could check in on him at all times.”
“Thank you Angel Eye. The comfort you gave us as first time parents with our newborn in the NICU is truly priceless.”
“Thank you for providing this resource. It most definitely did ease our anxiety and make us feel more comfortable at the end of the day when we could not necessarily say good night to our son in person.”
“We thought this was a wonderful idea. We had it on every second we were not in the NICU. The nurses would even leave little notes for us to wake up and see.”
“Thank you for this great service during such difficult times. It truly helped.”
“Loved the babycam and I think every bedside should definitely have one. It’s always better to see your baby then to just hear about how they are doing when you cannot be present at all times.”
“Having the camera has helped my husband and I through some very rough patches. I hope all children’s hospitals get them. Thank you!”
“I thank the Lord every day for this camera! Having my son in the NICU over 5 months, it has gotten me through some rough times.”
“Angel Eye was truly a lifesaver for us, being two hours away from our son. I am so grateful LeHigh Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania had them. It got us through five months of our son being there.”